Last updated: June 13, 2020

-| General Rules |-

Using in-game names containing any kind of Insults/Racist meanings And/OR other servers name are prohibited.

Using skins containing any type of Insults/Racist meanings And/OR sexual/offensive meanings are prohibited.

Using in-game glitches to gain playing advantage over other players is strictly prohibited, If you noticed any kind of glitch please inform us by opening a ticket through our Support server by clicking here (rewards will be given through the verification of the glitch provided).

All Suggestions/Complaints must be sent through our Ticket system in BlocksMC Support Server in Discord, Which can be reached at the following link:

Using any type of Offensive language And/OR Swearing in our Tickets system will lead to a punishment And/OR closing your ticket.

After getting your problem/question solved/answered by any of our Staff members, Please Do not try to contact any other Staff members about the same issue.

Players with a Youtuber Rank Does not make them qualified to break any our Rules, and whom will do; an action will be taken against him/her by our Staff members. (The administration has the right to revoke the rank at anytime without further notice if any penalty was found)

In case any complaint was found against one our Moderators in the server; Please talk only to one of our Senior moderators/Admins/HeadAdmins mentioned in the following page:

When submitting an Appeal, you will have to write a good reason why you should be unbanned/unmuted so an action can be taken by the Administration.

BlocksMC is not responsible for any player that will give his/her account information to another player. (that includes whoever you add/trust at your creative plot)

Any refunds requests will lead the player to be banned permanently from the server.

-| Public Chat and Voice Rules |-

Using any kind of Offensive language And/OR Swearing words are prohibited for all players.
- Using any type of Swearing words in any language (Arabic, English) in public chat will result you being Muted.
- Using any type of Swearing words in any language (Arabic, English) in public voice will result you being Banned.

Disrespecting any member/staff in the server is prohibited.
- Any words being used in public chat to insult/offense a player directly/indirectly will result you being Muted.
- Any words being used in public voice to insult/offense a player directly/indirectly will result you being Banned.
- "Ez, noob, etc..." can be used within allowed limits, overuse will be taken an action against.

Advertising any kind of Links, IPs or Server names is not allowed.
- Any hints to other servers will result you being Muted.
- Advertising Social Media accounts is allowed as long as it does not contain any links.
- Writing your email in the chat is not recommended.

Repeating Message Content three times in a row within 1 minute will result you being Muted.
- Includes doing countdowns as well, You will be warned before taking an action in this case.

Noises made using Voice chat will result you being Banned.
- Examples(loud Yelling, Playing loud music, etc..)
these are just examples but not exclusive of what Noises can be.

Making fun of other punished players or even implying to will result you being Muted.

In case you got banned/muted and you think there is a mistake that has been made, You can submit an appeal using the following link:
(4 Hours of playtime in the server are required to be able to submit an appeal)

-| Game Rules |-

Using any kind of Hack/Mod that give you an advantage over other players is Forbidden.
- Client performance improvement mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods) are allowed.
- Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders mods) are allowed.
- Armor and Effect Status HUD mods are allowed.
- Brightness and gamma adjustment mods are allowed.
And such mods like “LabyMod” are allowed to use within allowed limits.

Selling And/OR Purchasing any kind of items in the server by players out of our official store is prohibited.

Trying to perform any kind of Cheating/Boosting will result you being Banned, Points will reset in all games.
- Including “Free Kills” in PvP mode and etc.

Cross-Teaming in the following game modes is not allowed:
Bedwars, Eggwars, Skywars, UHC, This includes Solo and Team modes.
- Teaming in Survival Games is allowed for 4 players maximum, any team over that will be banned.
- “Re-Teaming” after a teammate dies is not allowed.

Trolling teammates in Eggwars, Bedwars, and other games will result in a Punishment.
- Excluding Gold/Iron/Diamond generators camping.

Building Offensive/Sexually related builds on creative/other games is prohibited.
- Country flags are allowed as long as it does not contaion any offensive/racist meanings.

Teaming with Hackers will result in a Ban for all team members including the hacker.
- If you faced any rule breaker, Help us by writing the following command

Any type of breaking the above Rules no matter what rank you have And/OR what your intention was, Will result in getting punished and questioned by the administration.